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Digital Library

In our effort to make the materials held at the Sparrows’ Nest accessible to interested readers, we have been digitising materials, including documents held in our Public Archive of anarchist pamphlets, papers, zines, etc. We have also digitised parts of the Solidarity Federation’s archive and fully digitised Ron’s personal archive, one of the SolFed’s founding members.

All these documents were scanned or photographed and converted to pdf files. The PDF file/HTML table as well as many of the digitised materials are quite large, so your browser may take a while to load them.

Last update 12th May 2016.

Catalogue of digitised materials: HTML table (5 MB); PDF file (5 MB)

Please note that despite the total of ~1,700 digitised documents, amounting to ~13,000 pages of awesome stuff, our guesstimate is that this is only about three percent of the materials held at the Nest.

So if anyone wants to help out with digitising, please get in touch!

Please see our Library page to search the full catalogue (again keep in mind that despite years of cataloguing, many materials remain uncatalogued!).

If you have any questions, spotted an error or want to add additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any materials you would like to donate or to be held in the library or archive, please contact us!

Donations to help us build the collections are very welcome. Please visit our Donations page and see our Acceptance Policy.

Some of our greatest treasures came out of apparently random heaps of smelly paper. So if you have access to materials, be it pamphlets, bulletines, zines, papers, letters, etc. please DO NOT throw them out, but let us know!