Digital Library

As part of our ongoing efforts to make the materials held at the Sparrows’ Nest easily accessible, we have been digitising materials, for instance documents held in our Public Archive of anarchist pamphlets, papers, zines, etc. We have also digitised parts of the Solidarity Federation’s archive and fully digitised Ron’s Collection, the personal archives of one of the SolFed’s founding members containing many unique items including international correspondence of the SolFed's foreunner, the Syndicalist Workers Federation.

All these documents were scanned or photographed and converted to pdf files. Please note that despite the total of ~1,970 digitised documents, amounting to 76.5GB of awesome stuff, our guesstimate is that this is only about five percent of the materials held at the Nest.

Last catalogue update: 21st February 2017.

New for March 2017: Use online Catalogue Search facility to find items in the full archive and digital libary (please also see this advice how to use it).

To access the catalogue by alternative means you can also download it in a choice of one file formats below.

Catalogue of digitised materials: choose from [1] Excel Spreadsheet, [2] Open Office Spreadsheet, [3] PDF file (8MB)

Please see our Library page to search the full catalogue (again keep in mind that despite years of cataloguing, many materials remain uncatalogued!). A presentation used at various talks showcases some of the contents of the Digital Library (please note that various bits of information in that presentation are now outdated), as do these display board materials about the amazing treasure trove that is Ron's Collection!

If you have any questions, spotted an error or want to add additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any materials you would like to donate or to be held in the library or archive, please contact us!

Donations to help us build the collections are very welcome. Please visit our Donations page.

Some of our greatest treasures arrived looking like random heaps of smelly paper. So if you have access to potentially interesting materials, be it pamphlets, bulletines, zines, papers, letters, etc. please DO NOT throw them out, but let us know!

Symbols/abbreviations used in the catalogues

* indicating that a piece of information was not explicitly stated in the document but that it could be assumed with ample surety that the information is correct
[?] indicating an illegible word, usually used when names were (partly) illegible (e.g. ‘Al [?]’)
? unsure whether the word/information before the question mark is correct (e.g. ‘Norman Giranns ? renews a subscription’, here the ? refers to the word ‘Giranns’)
N/A depending on context meaning either ‘Not Applicable’ or ‘Not available’.