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Lidiap at Library of the Free (Bibliothek der Freien) - List of digitized anarchist periodicals

We have previously mentioned the excellent Library of the Free - Bibliothek der Freien in Berlin, with its extensive collection of anarchist publications in German and many other languages, including English.

What we have not mentioned before, is that the project has got a good selection of disgitised anarchist material which is well worth a look. The online project is called Lidiap - List of digitized anarchist periodicals:

Read this previous blog article about our visit to the library:

Canny little library - Newcastle

The Canny Little Library is a small collectively run library in Newcastle stocking radical, informative, alternative books, including sections on politics, global struggles, DIY, info for action, Queer, anarchism, feminism, workers’ struggles and more.

The library is based at the Star & Shadow Cinema (also venue of the 'Projectile' anarchist film festival), in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and is open on Sundays from 3pm – 7pm.

More details:

Alliance of Radical Booksellers

The Alliance of Radical Booksellers was launched by Housmans in October 2011. This is an initiative to promote and network radical bookshops. There is also a new 'Bread and Roses' award that was announced in March 2012, to celebrate radical publishing. The winners will be announced on Mayday. We wish this initiative all the best. Find out more:

New - read an interview with the founder in latest Freedom. Get a copy from Freedom Bookshop or one of the other radical bookshops!! (subscriptions available) ...

Older article in The Guardian ... Give bricks-and-mortar bookselling a future:


Hydra Books - brand new radical and independent bookshop opens in Bristol - November 2011

Hydra Books is Bristol's brand new radical and independent book shop-come-cafe. It is at 34 Old Market, BS2 0EZ, and is opening on Saturday 26th November.

The Sparrows' Nest wishes them all the best and we hope to visit soon.

Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair - Stimulants radical books and others

It was a very good day out in Sheffield on 21st May for a very well organised anarchist bookfair in the excellent Bank Street Arts venue. We spent quite a few bob on books, some from Stimulants in Norwich who we haven't mentioned before on our site. We also handed cash to the usual peddlers of anarchist lit including News from Nowhere (Liverpool), Active Distribution (London)  and Now or Never (Norwich) - who are always very generous - plus the local/regional stalls of AF, Solfed and IWW, amongst others. We even got a Class war lighter.