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Access our Digital Collections at The Internet Archive

Thanks to the amazing work of a volunteer, you can now access most of our Digital Library at the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive hosts incredible treasures and was custom build to navigate large collections, offering a number of features we cannot offer on our website.

New additions will always be posted on our website first, but we will also periodically update the Internet Archive.

Content and trigger warning

Most materials in our collections offer awesome and inspiring content, but you may encounter historical materials which are not anarchist/left-libertarian. Furthermore some materials contain triggering content which is racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, nationalistic, anti-Semitic, ableist, ageist, or otherwise not representative of the movement. Also be aware that some of the materials contain sexually explicit content and/or depictions and descriptions of physical and psychological abuse, sexual violence, etc. If you wish to access information but do not want to take the risk of being exposed to potentially triggering and/or traumatising content, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we will be happy to assist you as far as we are able.

Basic search

Using search is easy. You can simply enter a word or part of a word in the search box and press 'Catalogue search'.

Check the box underneath first if you wish to limit the search to the Digital Library. This lists the material we have scanned in.

The result will be a list of articles that match the term. Results are ordered by title and are shown in a new window or tab. If you don't enter any term you will get the whole archive listing. Items with no title e.g., letters, will appear at the end of the list.

Important note: our search is not forgiving of spelling mistakes like Google's and text entered must match at least part of a word in our records, although it's not case sensitive. However we have added a lot of keywords to help you find material by theme even if the title does not include any. Use partial words to get a more complete result e.g. femin to get records with both feminism  & feminist. Entering multiple words in the same box will only return a result if the phrase matches our records precisely. For authors it is best to enter the surname only to begin with (since author Kropotkin, Peter is not the same as Peter Kropotkin in a title). If you wish to enter two words it's best to use the Advanced search instead, and put one word in each search box.

Advanced search

We also present a two-term search. Add the first term as above, after selecting Digital Library only, if desired.

Then choose AND or OR (AND is the default). Enter a second term with AND, then press 'Catalogue search' to get results which match both terms in the same record.

Choose OR and press 'Catalogue search' to get results from the first term as well as any items that match the second term, or either term.

See examples for more details of using the Advanced search effectively.

1) Look for articles on Ecology (including Ecological or Green issues) in the full collection.

Simply enter Ecolog (or ecolog as the search is not case sensitive). Then press 'Catalogue search'.

Try again with the box checked to see Digital Library items only and click on any link to save or view that item.

Find articles with terms Ecology/Ecological or Green by entering first term Ecolog and second term Green, using OR.

2) Look for items about Cuba.

Enter Cuba as the first term and press 'Catalogue search'.

Next narrow search to Letters about Cuba. Enter Cuba as before, then enter Letters as the second term using AND.

3) Look for articles about Kropotkin.

Enter Kropotkin (or just Krop) as the first term.

Enter Kropotkin as the first term along with Peter as the second, using AND. This narrows the search mostly to articles written by Peter Kropotkin, or if the full name appears anywhere else in the record.

4) Look for articles about Miners published in any year in the 1980s or referring to the 1980s.

Enter Miners for the first term and 198 for the second.

5) Look for articles about Feminism (or Feminist issues) and expand to search articles with Wom*n.

Enter terms Femin and Wom using OR.