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Given how puzzling as it is to live through these times (to put it mildly), future historians and other researchers (zooming about in their jetpacks and flying cars) will surely also be puzzled when they look back at them. Please help us to help them finding more than just records of government announcements and newspaper headlines. So if you come across interesting materials, be it neighbourhood leaflets, signs in windows, art displays etc., please feel free to take a photograph and email it to us, ideally with a bit of information (where, when, etc.)! And remember that very often the mundane is super interesting a few decades or centuries down the line.

Thank you very much.

Please stay safe and support each other - from a safe distance!

Our document of the month this is time is Blot #02, a publication by the National Union of School Students (late 1970s). Apparently described by school heads as a publication ‘which many parents and pupils have found extremely offensive and objectionable’, it addressed issues like bullying, abortion, life as an LGBTQ+ pupil, and anti-fascist action.

We hope you are all safe and well. Please see below our list of new additions to the Digital Library. A bit delayed, but also a bit longer than normal. This month we have another eclectic mix for you, including a lot of pamphlets, a bunch of local materials and tons of CND and TUCND publications. Much of this ties in nicely with other materials we have already made available online, such as further issues of local papers such as Flypaper, Nottingham CND Bulletin, Poll Axe and suchlike. There is also some rare and fascinating stuff like an issue of Blot, the paper of the National Union of School Students.

Apologies that our Document of the Month feature has been irregular in recent months. This March we want to shine the spotline on our newest oldest document!

We hope this update finds you all safe. Although our doors remain closed until further notice, our Digital Library is of course open as usual. And we have some treats for you this month!