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News and events from The Sparrows' Nest.

This month we added a lot of materials to the Digital Library. Please see below a full list of the eclectic mix, containing e.g. Punk Zines and heaps of great local(ish) materials. Prominent amongst the latter are long running LGBTQ+ papers and newssheets from the 1980s and 1990s as well as Nottingham CND materials from the 1980s, documenting e.g. blockades and other actions in and around the military bases in Chilwell and Molesworth.

Just the title of this document would have justified featuring it as our very first Document of the Month in 2019. Handpicked from a large stash of documents added to the Digital Library this week, we hope you enjoy this example of 1980s radical publishing...

Police News - For Nonviolent Authoritarianism, Nottingham 1984

We are very happy to announce we have just added a lot of  documents to our Digital Library. Some had been requested by visitors, others will be used for an event later this year (details TBC), and some were just random interesting things we came across whilst processing new donations and updating the records for our existing collections. So please see below for an ecclectic mix of awesome punk fanzines and plently of journals and newspapers from five decades...

The Sparrows’ Nest anarchist library and archive was launched in Nottingham in December 2008. Ten years later, we look after tens of thousands of documents focussing on the history of anarchist groups and individuals in the UK and beyond as well as the history of other social movements in Nottingham and the wider area. Our work aims to preserve such records and to make them available to interested audiences, furthering an understanding of past struggles and aiding struggles fought today.

As our final Document of the Month for 2018, we have chosen another publication from 1968 (see also the People's Histreh blog regarding the various activities we were involved with to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Revolts). This issue of the first series of Anarchy was until very recently not yet part of our collections, thanks again for the generous donation to fill that gap. Published shortly after the events in Paris, it discusses the involvement of students in the revolts in various parts of the world:

Anarchy (First Series) 090 Vol:08 #08, 1968