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This month we have yet again added a sizeable stash of materials, a mix of journals and pamphlets from three decades, including another lot of excellent fanzines.

You may have noticed that we have massively expanded our catalogue and especially the Digital Library over the last couple of years. As we have now digitised large collections of long running papers, journals, magazines etc. we will start putting together articles dedicated to individual publications and subjects, shining a spotlight on some of these materials.

This month we are featuring something from the latest stash of documents added to the Digital Library. Documenting grassroots organisation against the revived arms race in the 1980s, this Nottingham CND Bulletin is fascinating for a number of reasons, not least as the wonderful hand drawn map on page two exemplifies how much work pre-demo route planning could be in the days before digital maps!

Nottingham CND Bulletin #?? (1986/01)