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We just posted a long list of recent additions to the Digital Library, and here comes the long overdue new Document of the Month feature!

This month we picked a local title which will also be featured in our upcoming exhibtion, an excellent example for a local alternative newspaper, providing us with that other first draft of history, documenting what other titles preferred to ignore, in this case e.g. by reporting on local resistance to the opening of the NF headquarters right in the City Centre back in 1978:

Nottingham Voice #78 (1978)

Apologies, although we did add materials to the server last month, it has been a while since you a proper update. But we have been beavering away as ever, sorting, cataloguing and digitising materials.

We are currently focussing on preparing for our upcoming exhibition of local alternative and radical news media (and will stay rather busy doing that for a little while yet!), so many of the documents below are local stuff, but as ever they are mixed with various cool things we came across, as well as a good number of documents that were requested by visitors.

Please see below for our latest additions to the Digital Library: 62 issues of the ACF/AF's magazine Organise!