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Given how many goodies have just been added to the Digital Library, it was hard to pick a favourite for Document of the Month. So we just randomly dipped into the folder and ended up with an issue of Direct Action, published by the Direct Action Movement (DAM).

This month we a very happy to add a large stash of documents to our Digital Library, notably a heap of issues of Direct Action from the 1980s, then produced by the Direct Action Movement (DAM).

We are delighted to announce the return of Rosemary to the Nest, updating us on her fascinating research project.

Having recently worked with various materials related to the 50th Anniversary of the 1968 Revolts, we were reminded that the pamphlet series published by Solidarity over many years deserves some more time in the spotlight. Volume 31, published in late 1969, reprinting a report on a strike at the General Motors works in Flint, Michigan. The author had been a Maoist, but Solidarity republished a slightly abbridged version of the original report as it was such an excellent account of the events.

Walter Linder: The Great Flint Sit-Down Strike Against GM 1936-37; Solidarity Pamphlets Vol:31; 1969

Please find below a - this time rather eclectic - list of new additions to our Digital Library. We want to thank local artist John N, as well as a friendly and well equiped fellow archivist and a few other contributors for supplying us with digital copies of fine source materials or helping us digitising oversized materials.