Please see below for a list of new additions to the Digitial Library. This time it is a rather ecclectic mix of documents, also including a bunch of comics which we digitised for a researcher last November. If you ever want us to digitise some specific document, please let us know.

Please note some of these files are rather large (50MB+), so if you think your browser has crashed, give it a few moments, it may just be loading the document. If any of the links are not working or lead to the wrong document, please let us know. All documents come in good enough resolution to blow them up to A3(ish) prints and feature OCR, though that does not always work well with some of the fonts used and OCR is usually pretty bad in picking up the more arty bits of writing.

The full catalogue information for these titles will be online with the next proper catalogue update (some time in February?). What you see below are just titles and some information on publishers/authors (etc.) to give you an idea what you will be clicking on.



The Scum - The Paper that supports the pickets; Catalyst (1987)

Bakunin, Michael; Warren, Richard: A Critique of State Socialism; Cienfuegos

Tales of Suspence - An introduction to Culture Jam

The Cruxifixion Comic Vol:01 #03 (1998)

Class War Comix #01 (1979)

CIA (Cartoons Included Also) #09

The Storming of the City - Remember June 18, 1999! (1999)

The Faction File (undated)

Corporate Crime Comics #02 (1979)

Anarchy Comics - International Anarchy! (1978)

Morgenmuffel - A Collection from Issues 2-10 (2008)

Morgenmuffel #11 - Cartoons and Rants (2003)

Morgenmuffel #12 - Cartoons and Rants (2004)

Morgenmuffel #13 - Cartoons and Rants (2005)

Morgenmuffel #14 - Cartoons and Rants (2006)

Morgenmuffel #15 - Cartoons and Rants (2006)

Morgenmuffel #16 - Cartoons from my life (2007)

Other stuff

Anarchism - as we see it; ACF/AF Anarchist Communist Federation/Anarchist Federation

Anarchism in the May Movement in France; IWW

Arm Yourself at the Anarchist Bookfair (1990)

As we see it now; Workers’ Council Socialism (2008)

Bakunin, Michael: The Paris Commune and the Idea of the State; B Books (1987)

Bakunin, Michael: The Paris Commune and the Idea of the State; CIRA (1971)

Bash the Fash - An introduction to Antifa

Beating Fascism - Anarchist Anti-Fascism in Theory and Practise; AFA

Berneri, Camillo: Peter Kropotkin - His Federalist Ideas; Freedom (1943)

Brown, David: The Cobas - Italy 1986-88 a new rank and file movement; Advocom (1988)

Claremont Road - The Final Act??? Some guidance notes in anticipation of the Mother of all Evictions; No M11 Link Campaign

Clydeside Anarchist #02 (1984)

Coates, Ken; Blackburn, Robin (eds): The Week Vol:01 #06 (1964)

Craig, Sheila (ed): Stonehenge '85 - Souvenir Issue; Unique Publications (1986)

Creating Safer Spaces - What are "safer spaces" and how do we make them? …; Radical Practical Feminist Self-Defence (2008)

Curtis, Liz: They Shoot Children - The use of rubber and plastic bullets in the North of Ireland; Information on Ireland (1982)

Dirty Fingers in Dirty Pies; Sky & Trees (1985)

Facts on the Spanish Resistance #01; Centro Iberico

Fish: Blasphemy

France - May 1968; Calderwood 15

Garcia, Victor: Three Japanese Anarchists: Kotoku, Osugi and Yamaga; KSL (2000)

Goldman, Emma: The Place of the Individual in Society; Free Society Forum (1941)

Gramsci, Antonio: Turin 1920 - Factory Councils and General Strike; Moulinavert Press (1989)

Gregoire, R; Perlman, F: Worker-Student Action Committees - France May '68; Black & Red (1970)

Guerin, Daniel: Anarchism & Marxism; Cienfuegos (1981)

Heroes or Villains?; AFA (1992)

P.S.C. News #03 - Polish Solidarity Campaign Newsletter; Polish Solidarity Campaign (1981)

Poison Pen #??; Hastings Free Press (1984)

Poll Tax Riot - Ten Hours that Shook Trafalgar Square; ACAB Press

Prints of Darkness #02 (1984)

Schulkind, Eugene: The Paris Commune of 1871; Historical Association (1971)

Sleeping Dogs #02

Solidarity #08 - For Social Revolution (1979)

Solidarity #11 - For Social Revolution (1980)

Sometimes Anti-Social… …Always Anti-Fascist; Now Or Never

Spectacular Times #?? - Bigger Cages Longer Chains; Spectacular Times (1981)

Spectacular Times #?? - Images and Everyday Life; Spectacular Times (1993)

Spectacular Times #?? - The Media; Spectacular Times (1993)

Spectacular Times #08 - The Spectacle A Skeleton Key; Spectacular Times

Spectacular Times #12 - The Bad Days Will End; Spectacular Times

Basile, Stephanie (ed): Suburban Blight #04

Griffiths, Bronwen: The Corruganza Boxmakers Strike; Past Tense (2007)

The Sheffield Anarchist Vol:03 #02

The Week Vol:01 #18 – A News Analysis for Socialists (1964)

The Whinger #07 - Irregular Libertarian Socialist Rantzine (2008)

Timperley Village Anarchist #01

Nous ne sommes rien soyons tout; Collectif 1984

Toxic Grafity #02

Ward, Colin: Violence; Penguin (1970)

We are Winning - The Battle of Seattle: A Personal Account; Wildfire Collective (2000)

Whatever - Rants and Tracts from the Proletarian Twighlight Zone; ETV (2006)

With a Smile and a Twinkle in my Eye - An Interview With Anarchist Ex-Prisoner Mark Barnsley; ABC Leeds (2003)

Wrigley, Chris: The General Strike 1926 in Local History; Loughborough University (1982)