Given how many goodies have just been added to the Digital Library, it was hard to pick a favourite for Document of the Month. So we just randomly dipped into the folder and ended up with an issue of Direct Action, published by the Direct Action Movement (DAM).

DAM grew out of the Anarchist Federation of Britain which became the Syndicalist Workers’ Federation before reorganising as the DAM. Today the Solidarity Federation continues the syndicalist tradition in the UK and we are very thankful for their continued generous support for the Sparrows’ Nest.

Issue #23 of DAM’s Direct Action was published in March 1985, one year into the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike and mostly focusses on the continuing struggle:

Direct Action (DAM) #23 – Monthly paper of the DAM/IWA – The Voice of anarcho-syndicalism;  Mar, 1985; UK; ID8246 Original file / compressed file