After being bogged down by less glamorous duties for a few weeks, we are glad to announce that we have had some time to digitise more materials. Please see another 71 publications below.

As always many thanks to everyone who donated materials to the Nest, so that we can make them available to interested audiences.


As We Don't See It (Solidarity)

Bateman, Don: Joaquim Maurin 1893-1973 - Life & Death of a Spanish Revolutionary (ILP, 1974)

Bonanno, Alfredo M: Workers' Autonomy (Bratach Dubh)

Buffo! 1+2 - Amazing Tales of Political Pranks and Anarchic Buffoonery (Spectacular Times)

Bukharin, Nikoli; Fabbri, Luigi; Rocker, Rudolf: The Poverty of Statism - Anarchism vs. Marxism: A debate (Cienfuegos Press, 1981)

Communities Issues and Authorities - A Community Groups Handbook

Communities Issues and Authorities A Community Groups Handbook

Community Action and Society - A Community Groups Handbook

Custer's Last Stand - Or how to overcome male domination in the movement

Dalla Costa, Mariarosa; James, Selma: The Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community (Falling Wall Press, 1973)

Dan: The Book of Revelations (1981)

Ehrlich, Carol: Socialism, Anarchism and Feminism (Black Bear, 1978)

Ferrari, Andrea; Aguzzi, Aldo: Pages From Italian Anarchist History - The Anarchism of the Cervi Brothers - The Italian Anarchist Volunteers in Barcelona & the Events of May 1937 (KSL)

Fighting the Revolution Vol:02 - Kropotkin Louise Michel Paris Commune (Freedom Press, 1985)

Freetown Christiania (Support Christiania Group, 1977)

Goodfellow, Alexander: A visit to the Island of Sanday (Cienfuegos Press, 1978)

Graham, Marcus: Marxism and a Free Society (Cienfuegos Press, 1981)

Hamon, Augustin: The Psychology of the Anarchist - Anarchist Peril (Pulp Press, 1973)

How Community Groups Work - A Community Groups Handbook

Long, Pauline; Coghill, Mary: Is It Worthwhile Working In A Mixed Group? (Beyond Patriarchy Publications, 1977)

Makhno, Nestor: My Visit to the Kremlin (Black Cat Press, 1979)

Malatesta, Errico: Selected Writings (Friends of Malatesta)

Marzocchi, Umberto: Remembering Spain - Italian Anarchist Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War (KSL, 1999)

McDougall, William: Anthology of Revolt (Socialist Freethought Revolutionary League)

Meltzer, Albert; Ruff, Phil: The Black Flag Anarcho-Quiz Book (Simian, 1976)

Of Student Poverty - Considered in its economic, political, psychological, sexual and, particularly intellectual aspects, and a modest proposal for its remedy (BM Combustion)

Powell, A; Butterworth B: Marked for Life - A criticism of assessment at Universities

Reclus, Elisee: Evolution and Revolution

Revolutionary Theory for Beginners - (Pure & Applied) - Three Situationist Texts (BM Combustion)

Sampson, Ronald: The Anarchist Basis of Pacifism (Stuart Morris Memorial Fund, Peace Pledge Union)

Scargill, Arthur; Kahn, Peggy: The Myth of Workers' Control (Universities of Leeds and Nottingham, 1980)

Singer, Peter: The Animal Liberation Movement - Its philosophy, its achievements, and its future (Old Hammond Press)

Songs of unemployment (IWW)

Thompson, E P: The Secret State (State Research, 1979)

Tolstoy, Leo: Power and Liberty (Simian, 1975)

White, J R: The Meaning of Anarchism - Neither God Nor Master (Cienfuegos Press)

Young, Nigel: Studying Peace - Problems and Possibilities (Housmans)

Newsletters etc.

Attitude 1993/Autumn - The Voice of Leeds Anti Fascist Action (1993)

Campaign! 1991/10

Campaign! 1994/10

Dissident Warwick #??

Flypaper #09 (1988)

The Gadfly Vol:04 #02

LAFA Bulletin 1995/06 (Leicester Anti-Fascist Alliance)

Lookout! #63 (2012)

Lookout! #65 (2012)

Lookout! #66 (2013)

Lookout! #68 (2013)

Lookout! #69 (2013)

Lookout! #70 (2014)

Lookout! #71 (2014)

New Anarchist Review #12 (1988)

Newsflash 1997/08/04 - News from the Picket Line - Hot from the Scabs Mouth

Nottingham CND Bulletin #?? 1990/10-11

Nottingham Earth Summit Talks Newsletter #04 (1992)

QMC NUPE News #03 (1984)

Resistance #?? - Bulletin of the Colin Roach Centre

Social Anarchism 198/Winter Vol:01 #02

Spectacular Times #02 - Everyday Life

State Research Bulletin #05 (1978)

State Research Bulletin #06 (1978)

State Research Bulletin #07 (1978)

State Research Bulletin #08 (1978)

State Research Bulletin #09 (1978)

State Research Bulletin #10 (1979)

State Research Bulletin #11 (1979)

State Research Bulletin #13 (1979)

Strike Back 1993/11 #01 - Bulletin of the Hackney Anti-Fascist Collective

Work - And How It Gets That Way (IWW)

Z revue #01

Z revue #03