This month it is time to put the spotlight not on a particularly sexy document, but rather on a few humble ones that nevertheless make an ageing archivist's heart sing.

Our documents of the month for December 2020 are:

Assorted indexes for Solidarity publications, focussing on the Solidarity Pamphlet series. One covering the period 1960-1972, another dated 1975, another dated 1977, and one undated, probably compiled in the late 1970s.

Solidarity publications are a great example of a long running, more or less loosely connected series of documents that can be a nightmare to process. Papers with almost identical names from different corners of the country, published and republished pamphlets with or without dates, regular publications that keep changing titles, how they are numbered, etc.

And thus when I see not only one but multiple indexes, helping me make sense of the chaos, I am deeply grateful. I am still making a bunch of mistakes whilst stumbling through the fog of decades past, but at least someone gave me a torch to take along.