We finished another round of sorting, cataloguing and digitising! Please find a list of 87 new items below (just under 2GB of additional data).

We want to thank everyone very much for all your support and interest in our work. We will be taking a break for a couple of weeks before diving back into the boxes in the new year. We will keep an eye on our emails, so if you need anything, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Everyone stay safe, stay well and look after each other.



Acott, Tim: Think Over - An Introduction to the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

Bracewell, Stuart: Dole Bondage Up Yours - An open letter of resignation from the secretary of Wales against the JSA (Infantile Disorder, 1996)

de Agostini, Mauro (et al): Prisoners and Partisans - Italian Anarchists in the Sruggle Against Fascism (KSL, 1999)

Dear Motorist… (Institute of Social Disengineering)

Ignatiev, Noel: Introduction to the United States - An Autonomoist Political History (Raze the Walls!, 1992)

Ignatin, Noel: Black Worker, White Worker (New England Free Press, 1974)

Inside Out - Poems by Prisoners (Costello Moor)

James, Bob: Anti-Parliamentarism & Commnism in Britain 1917-1921 (Hobnail Press, 2007)

James, Bob: Chummy Flemming - A brief biography (Monty Miller, 1986)

James, Selma: Sex, Race and Class (Housewives in Dialogue, 1986)

Jones, Christopher: Subterranean Southwark (Past Tense, 2003)

Jordan, John; Whitney, Jennifer; Stern, Andrew: Que Se Vayan Todos - Argentina's Popular Rebellion ... (Kersplebedeb, 2003)

Katz, Philip: The people, organised - 60th Anniversary of Victory over Fascism (2005)

Kaur, Prunella: Go Forth and Multiply - The British Left in 1983 (Dialogue of the Deaf, 1983)

Kendall, Walter: State Ownership, Workers' Control and Socialism (ILP Square One Publications, 1973)

Keracher, John: Producers and Parasites (Charles H Kerr, 1935)

Kerness, Bonnie: Oppression: Social And Economic Realities - November 18, 1999 Rutgers University

Kerness, Bonnie: Women in Prison - Lecture at St Elizabeth College - March 6, 2000

Kerwin - The Poem (Stitching Vrienden van Kerwin/Friends of Kerwin Foundation, 2001)

Key, Anna (ed): Mayday and Anarchism - Remembrance and Resistance from Haymarket to Now (KSL, 2004)

Key, Anna (ed): Salvador Puig Antich and the MIL (Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación) (KSL, 2008)

Kiahan - A Tale of Migration

King, David: Set the People Free - The Opposition to ID Cards in North London, 1950 (and 2006) (Past Tense, 2006)

King, John: The Economics of Self Management (Self Management Group)

KitKat - Have a break… Universitry of York Alternative Prospectus (Rowntree Mackintosh Limited York)

Knabb, Ken: Double Reflection - Preface to a Phenomenology of the Subjective Aspect of Practical-Critical Activity (Bureau of Public Secrets, 1974)

Knabb, Ken: The Realisation and Suppression of Religion (Bureau of Public Secrets, 1977)

Kolektivne Proti Kapitalu: November 1989 - The Working Class Trapped Under the Velvet Tricolore (2012)

Kollontai, Alexandra: Sexual Relations and the Class Struggle - Love and the New Morality (Falling Wall Press, 1971)

Kollontai, Alexandra: Women workers struggle for their rights (Falling Wall Press, 1971)

Kottis, Leonardos: Konstantinos Speras - The Life and Activities of a Greek Anarcho-Syndicalist (KSL, 2006)

Kropotkin, Peter: Anarchism (Black Mountain Press, 1971)

Kropotkin, Peter: Prisons and their Moral Influence on Prisoners (Hobnail Press)

Kropotkin, Peter: Revolutionary Government (Freedom, 1945)

Kropotkin, Peter: The Place of Anarchism in Socialistic Evolution - An Address delivered in Paris

Kropotkin, Peter: The Russian Revolution and the Soviet Government (Libertaria Bookshop)

Kropotkin, Peter: The Wage System (Pirate Press)

Meet Kropotkin (Libertarian Book House/Modern Publishers Indore, 1940s?)

Morgenmuffel - Bits and Pieces (Isy, 2008)

Morgenmuffel #17 (Isy, 2008)

Rum-Muffel - A Rumlad/Morgenmuffel Collaboration (Isy)

Self Acivity of Wage Workers - Towards a Critique of Representation & Delegation (KK Collectives, 1998)

The Experience of the Factory Committees in the Russian Revolution (Council Communist Pamphlets, 1984

The Hungarian Revolution 1956 (Council Communist Pamphlets, 1984)

The Kolt (The Urina Empire, 1985)

The life style of Buenaventura Durruti (KSL, 1994)

The Student Rebellion - After Paris? A Special Issue of he Student - The Magazine of the International Student Conference (ISC, 1968)

TV Times - A seven day guide to killing your TV (Institute of Social Disengineering)

What is the IWW (IWW)


In It On It (InItOnIt) #13

In It On It (InItOnIt) #14 (2002)

In It On It (InItOnIt) #15 (2003)

In It On It (InItOnIt) #17

In It On It (InItOnIt) #20

In It On It (InItOnIt) #21

In It On It (InItOnIt) #23

Incite #02

Industrial Defence Bulletin Vol:04 #02 (IWW, 1977)

Inside Story #07 (Alternative Publishing Company, 1973)

Insist - Birmingham Womens Paper #09 (1982)

Insurrection #00 (Lost Publications)

Insurrection #01 (Lost Publications)

Intercom #02 Formerly The New Ultra-Left Review (Careless Talk)

Intercom #03 Revolutionary Discussion Bulletin (Wildcat)

Intercom #04 Revolutionary Discussion Bulletin (Wildcat)

Intercom #05 Revolutionary Discussion Bulletin (1984)

Intercom #06 Revolutionary Discussion Bulletin (1984)

Internazionale - Instant Comix #01 (2012)

Internazionale - Instant Comix #02 (2012)

Internazionale - Instant Comix #03 (2012)

IWW Health Worker #02 (2002)

Juicy #07

Kanai #05 (1985)

Kick it Over #02

Kick it Over #03

Kick it Over #36 (1999)

Kiss The Earth #??a

Kiss The Earth #??b

Knee Deep In Shit #??

Lobster Telephone #??

London Workers Group Bulletin #08

The Industrial Unionist #06 (IWW)

The Irregular #01

The Joy Of Propaganda #02

The Magazine of the Leicester Anarchists #01 (1986)


In the Making 8 - A directory of radical Co-Operation


Two copies each of two leaflets regarding the Falklands, CND and the Peace Movement, under the penname of R Knight.