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A Lie Too Far - Searchlight, Hepple & The Left (Mina Enterprises, 1993)

Air France Strike October/November 1993 - Comprising of A Chronology of Events… Translated from Modicus Magazine (1993)

Bowles, Murray: If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What am I doing in the Pit? - A Photozine (MRR Maximum Rock N Roll)

Free Association - Revolutionary Committees as a method of organization (More To Come)

Harman, Chris et al: Education, Capitalism and the Student Revolt (1968)

How low can you go? - The Practices and the Politics of the Socialist Workers Party (Class War)

In This Together - A communique from the Mark Carney Collective

Kim; Steve; Rob; Lee; Steve: Mass

Locked-out Manchester Electricians - Safety and skills in Manchester under a Labour Council (Manchester Electricians)

Maksimov, Grigorii Petrovich: A Grand Cause - The hunger strike and the deportation of anarchists from Soviet Russia (KSL, 2008)

Malatesta, Errico: Anarchism and Violence

Malatesta, Errico: Towards Anarchism (Drowned Rat, 1985)

Malatesta, Errico: Vote What For? (Freedom, 1945)

Malcolm X: Two Speeches by Malcolm X (Pathfinder Press, 1965)

Manifesto on the Russian Revolution - Issued by the Anarchist Communist Groups of the US and Canada, Federation of Russian Anarchist Communist Groups of US and Canada, Ukrainian Anarchist Communist Groups of US and Canada

Manzanera, Elias: The Iron Column - Testament of a Revolutionary (KSL, 2006)

Marcos: Zapatistas in their own Words (DS4A, 1994)

Martin, Andrea: Ukraine - Unrest & Repression (Committee to Defend Ivan Dzyuba and Vyacheslav Chornovil, 1973)

Martinez, Laudelino Iglesias: Down with the prison walls! (ABC, 2005)

Maupin, Joyce: Working Women and their Organizations (Kersplebedeb)

Mawdsley, Robert: In the Strongbox - Life in strongbox cells in Parkhurst Prison (ABC, 1994)

Max: Death to Democracy - A subversive attack on Capitalist Democracy and the Rule of Law (1990)

Max: The End of Democracy - A subversive attack on Capitalist Democracy and the Rule of Law (Giroday Press, 1993)

Maximoff, G: My Social Credo (Boris Yelensky Book Fund, 1973)

Mayday! The Story of the First of May ... (DAM; Iron Column Press, 1986)

McArthur, John: Up Against The Odds - An Account Of The JJ Fast Food Worker's Strike - Tottenham 1995-6 (RPM Revolutions Per Minute, 2000)

McCabe, Joseph: Christianity & Slavery (See Sharp Press, 1998)

McCormick, Declan: When the G8 Came to my Town - A big event in a small town in the big country (Northernsky, 2005)

McCrory, Gerard: Authority Has No Tears - Prisoner of the State, Long Kesh Prison, Northern Ireland (Just Books, 1981)

McDermott, John: Classes in the US and How the Working Class is Ruled (Raze the Walls!)

McGlynn, Bob: Road Warriors and Road Worriers - A Personal History of the Independent Couriers Association in New York (DIWU Despatch Industry Workers Union)

McKay, Iain: Mutual Aid - An Introduction and Evaluation (2011)

McLay, Farquhar: Art and Anarchism (Autonomy Press, 1982)

McNaughton, Eric: Wapping - The Story of a Year of Struggle

Mega Sales Drive (BM Makhno)

Mell, Ezra Brett: La Bande a Bonnot - Robberies and Getaways (Active Distribution, 2009)

Meltzer, Albert (ed): Miguel Garcia's Story (Cienfuegos Press, 1982)

Meltzer, Albert: Anarchism - Arguments for and Against (Cienfuegos Press/BM Refract)

Mieli, Mario: Towards a Gay Communism (Pirate Productions, 1984)

Milstein, Cindy: Educating for Freedom (Exile Press, 2008)

Minor Conflicts, Major Contradictions (BM Combustion, 1984)

Mirror Image - An insight into how the Daily Mirror handled the lorry drivers strike of Jan '79 (1979)

Modern Times

Moot Point (Phoenix Press)

Morrell, R W: Nottingham's Enigmatic Hemlock Stone (Apra-Nufois Press, 1987)

Morrell, R W: St. Ann's Well - And other Medicinal and Holy Wells of Nottingham (Apra-Nufois Press, 1987)

Morris, William: How we Live and How we Might Live - With a modern assesment by the Socialist Party (SPGB, 2000)

Morris, William; Ward, Colin: A factory as it might be - The factory we never had (Kersplebedeb)

Morton, A L: A Glorious Liberty - The Ideas of the Ranters (Past Tense, 2007)

Moseley, Brian: Marxism versus Reality (San Fairy Ann)

Moyse, Arthur: Drugs (Phoenix Press)

Mr Social Control: Remarks on the Dole - By the Rt Hon Michael Portillo M.P. (Sexually Repressed, 1994)

Mullen, Michael; et al: Why Britain Should Leave Ireland (Connolly Publications, 1980)

Murphy, J T: The Workers' Committee - An Outline of its Principles and Structure (Class War, 2010)

Nagy, Balazs: Hungary 1956 - How the Budapest Central Workers' Council was set up (Living History Library)

Nicoll, David: The Walsall Anarchists - Trapped by the Police (KSL, 2003)

Popular Front Anti-Fascism - Autonomous Anti-Fascism: Towards Praxis - British Anti-Fascism Past and Present - Anti Fascist compilation pamphlet of 3 articles (Mayday Politics and Books, 2010)

Press, Howard: The Marxism and Anti-Marxism of Wilhelm Reich (Society of Materialist Friends of the Hegelian Dialectic)

Sharkey, Paul (ed): The Federacion Anarquista Uruguaya (FAU) - Crisis, Armed Struggle and Dictatorship, 1967-1985 (KSL, 2009)

The Libertarian Research and Education Trust - Information Pack

Thompson, S; Abraham, N: South Africa 1985 - The Organisation of Power in Black and White (BM Combustion, 1985)

Turner, Bernadine et al: Margarelles the Moles and the Money Tree - A Pantomime (Yorkshire Arts Circus)

Unofficial Reform Committee: The Miners' Next Step - Being a Suggested Scheme for the Reorganisation of the Federation (reprint, Germinal, 1991)

When Crusaders and Assassins unite, let the people beware (Midnight Notes)

Why celebrate May Day? (May Day 88 Group, 1988)

Working Class Rule in Working Class Areas - An introduction to the background, aims & policies of the IWCA (2003)


A Action South West #Prague Extra

Artful Dodger #01 (Fare Dodgers' Liberation Front, 1995)

Attila Vol:02 #03 (1973)

Chronicles of Utopia 1999 (Isy)

Class Struggle Bulletin #01

Critical Theory and Revolutionary Practice #01

CSAN Bulletin 1989/10

CSAN Bulletin 1990/01

CSAN Bulletin 1990/02

Dead Beat #01

Gagged! #22 (2008)

Malcontent #01 (1988)

Malcontent #02 (1988)

Malcontent #04 (1989)

Mandy #01

Mappa Mundi #02

Mappa Mundi #04

Mayday - Magazine for anarchist/libertarian ideas and action #02 (2008)

Mayday #03 (2009)

Mayday #04 (2009)

Mayday #05 (2010)

Mayday #06 (2010)

Me Myself I #02 (1982)

Merseyfin #08

Merseyside Anarchist Newsletter #13 (1989)

Message Magnet - The Voice of Britain #??

Minus 7 1977/07-08 #??

Minus 7 1977/09-10 #??

Minus One - An Individual Anarchist Review #11 (1965)

Miraculous Circumstances #00 (Pilot Issue)

Misfire #01

Molotov #??

More Dead Than Alive #03

Morgenmuffel - Cartoons & Rants #18 (2010)

Morgenmuffel - Cartoons & Rants #19 (2011)

Most Punks Are Total Arseholes - Pro-Working Class Punk Anarchist Zine #03

Mother Earth #01

Mother Earth #02

Mother Earth #03

Mother Earth Vol:09 #07 (KSL reprint of 1914 journal)

Mujeres Libres Vol:01 #04

Mutiny - A Paper of Anarchistic Ideas & Actions #24 (2008)

Mutiny - A Paper of Anarchistic Ideas & Actions #25 (2008)

Mutiny - A Paper of Anarchistic Ideas & Actions #26 (2008)

Muzzle Mouth #03 (2003)

NAN Bulletin 1989/02 #??

New Anarchist Review #21 (1992)

New Anarchist Review #24 (1994)

Paul's Gossip Column 1999/01

Pink Brick - Lesbian and Gay Class War #05 (1991)

Sea Picket #01 (1988)

Sea Picket #02 (1988)

Sea Picket #03 (1988)

Sea Picket #05 (1988)

Sea Picket #06 (1988)

Sea Picket #07 (1988)

Sea Picket #08 (1988)

Sea Picket #10 (1988)

Sheffield Defence Campaign #03 (1988)

Sheffield Defence Campaign #Special Edition

Sign of the Times 1986/?? #??

Sign of the Times 1986/05 (YCND)

Sign of the Times 1987/04 #??

Sign of the Times 1987/08 #??

Sign of the Times 1988/09 #??

Sign of the Times 1988/Spring #??

Sign of the Times 1989/Spring #??

Syndicalist Bulletin Vol:01 #06

Syndicalist Bulletin Vol:03 #05

Syndicalist Bulletin Vol:03 #07

The Mole 1969/06/05 #??

The Mole 1970/02/05-19 #12

The Mole 1970/02/19-03/05 #13

The Mole 1970/03/19-04/01 #15

The Sheffield Black Star 1991/09-10

Unnamed collection of texts by various authors, seems to have been an undated periodical of some sorts, collating a number of articles. From the collection of Bob Miller.

Another unnamed collection of texts by various authors, seems to have been an undated periodical of some sorts, collating a number of articles. From the collection of Bob Miller.

Viraj Mendis in Sanctuary Bulletin 1988/03/04

Workers Power #04 (1977)

Workers Voice #18 (1976)


121 Bookshop and Anarchist Centre

London Anarchist Bookfair 1998

London Anarchist Bookfair 2000

Mayday 2000 - Anti-Capitalist Ideas and Action - Conference Programmme Sat 29-Sun 30 April 2000