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500 Years of Indigenous Resistance (Arm the Spirit; Solidarity, 2002)

A short history of anarcho-syndicalism in Britain (SolFed)

A Vegetarian Guide to Sheffield & Compassionate Student Grub (SAF Sheffield Animal Friends, 2007)

An introduction to workplace organising [trainee manual] (SolFed, 2010)

Anarchist Yearbook 1994 (Phoenix Press)

Anarchist Yearbook 1998 (Phoenix Press)

Anarcho-Syndicalism in Puerto Real - From Shipyard Resistance to Direct Democracy and Community Control (SolFed, Theory and Practice Series, 2011)

At War With Society - The Exclusive Story of a Searchlight Mole Inside Britain's Far Right (Searchlight, 1993)

Bakunin, Michael: Integral Education - The Anarchist Encyclopaedia Folio 2 (Cambridge Free Press, 1986)

Barclay, Harold: Anthropology - The Anarchist Encyclopaedia Folio 4 (Cambridge Free Press, 1986)

Bruno & Ivan: Solidarity & Revolt Across Borders - Letters from prisoners, solidarity statements and action chronologies... (2009)

Build Your Own Solidarity Network - A guide to building a successful solidarity network along the lines of the Seattle Solidarity Network, written by SeaSol organizers (WSA)

Dan: The Right Not to Work - Booklet concerning individual protest against the United Kingdom Company… (Sky & Trees, 1983)

Department of the Environment: You and the Community Charge - Exemptions (1989)

Department of the Environment: You and the Community Charge - Rebates (1989)

Department of the Environment: You and the Community Charge - The Appeals System (1989)

Fighting the Nazi threat today - An educational pack produced and written by Anti Nazi teachers (ANL, 1992)

Freedom for All - …and a Natural Repect for that Freedom… (Solidaritat von Unten)

Friends of Durruti Group: Towards a Fresh Revolution - Barcelona 1938 (Drowned Art, 1985)

Gambone, Larry: Laughter is Bourgeois! - The Roots of Political Correctness (Syndicalist Bulletin)

Harman, Lillian: Some Problems of Social Freedom and other writings - From The Adult (KSL, 2012)

Health & Safety at Work - An anarcho-syndicalist approach (SolFed, 2000)

Ireland, Nationalism and Imperialism - The Myths Exploded (Subversion)

Kelsey, Graham: Civil War & Civil Peace: Libertarian Aragon 1936-37 - The Anarchist Encyclopaedia Monograph 1 (Cambridge Free Press, 1985)

Labour Government vs The Dockers 1945-1951 - Solidarity Pamphlet #19

Labouring in Vain - Why Labour is not a Socialist Party (Subversion)

Law, Larry (ed): Spectacular Times - Grotty Reprint - Fin de Spectacle? #04 (Spectacular Times, Pocketbook Series, 1980)

Law, Larry (ed): Spectacular Times - Into the Endgame #05 (Spectacular Times, Pocketbook Series, 1981)

London Reclaim the Streets; Corporate Watch: Squaring up to the Square Mile - A rough guide to the City of London (J18, 1999)

Marquis de Sade: Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Atheist (See Sharp Press, 1997)

Mexico is not only Chiapas nor the Rebellion in Chiapas is a Mexican Affair - Subversion Reprint (1995)

Mintz, Frank: Self Management - The Anarchist Encyclopaedia Folio 1 (Cambridge Free Press, 1986)

Mr Social Control: Away with all Cars (Pedestrian Freedom Front)

Otter, Laurens: A Climate of Mistrust? - The Working Class & Climate Camp (2008)

Otter, Laurens: Anarchist Arguments - End as Utopia

Otter, Laurens: Anarchist Arguments - On Organization and Vanguardism

Otter, Laurens: Law & Hypocrisy (Wrekin Syndicalists)

Otter, Laurens: Serious Politics - Begins with the Bomb - Taking up the Socialist Challenge on the lessons of the First Wave

Otter, Laurens: The Arrogance of Uncontested Power (Wrekin Syndicalists)

Otter, Laurens: The Peace Revolution - Stopping the Missiles - A winning strategy for CND & why the revolutionary left has failed to provide it

Out of the Frying Pan - A critical look at Works Councils (SolFed, 1998)

Revolutionary Self-Theory - A beginners manual (Spectacular Times)

Rodrigues, Edgar: Santos - The Barcelona of Brazil (KSL, 2005)

Sabotage (Vale Valley Hunt Sabs)

Scholey, Keith: The Communist Club (Past Tense, 2006)

Schultz, Greta Williams: Housing Co-ops - In 10 Easy Steps (Radical Routes, 2014)

Scott, Simeon; Dawson, Terry: Which Way Forward for the Working Class (Workers' Council Publications)

Security Culture - How To Fight For A More Compassionate Future And Keep Yourself And Your Friends Safe (CrimethInc, 2014)

Seidman, Michael: Towards a History of Workers' Resistance to Work - Paris and Barcelona during the French Popular Front and the Spanish Revolution 1936-38 (News from Everywhere, 1988)

Semela, Selby; Thompson, Sam; Abraham, Norman: Reflections on the Black Consciousness Movement and the South African Revolution (Zabalaza Books)

Shallis, Andy: Remember Birkenhead - 50 Years On - 1932 The Unemployed Strike Back (Merseyside Socialist Research Group, 1982)

Sharkey, Paul: The Friends of Durruti - A Chronology (Isoya Takero, 1984)

Sharkey, Paul; Key, Anna (eds): Rebellious Spirit - Maria Occhipinti and the Ragusa Anti-Draft Revolt of 1945 (KSL, 2008)

Shutes, Chris: Two Local Chapters in the Spectacle of Decomposition (1979)

Simon, Henri: The Railways Strike - France Winter 86-87 - An attempt at autonomous organization (Echanges et Mouvement)

Simon, Henri; Brown, David: Shake it and break it - Class and politics in Britain 1979/1989 (Echanges et Mouvement, 1990)

Sink (1982)

Smith, J H: The Hatters

Socialist Song Book (Militant, 1974)

SolFed - An introduction to Solidarity Federation (SolFed, 1998)

SolfFed Education Collective: A History of Anarcho-syndicalism (SolFed)

Sorel, Keith: Socialism (in quotation marks) - Discussion on Nicaragua (News from Everywhere, 1988)

Spence, Martin: Region I - An examination of the State's plans for repression in the north-east (Black Jake Collective, 1978)

SPIG, Dirk: Doing Business - A Mischief-Makers Handbook (1 in 12 Publications, 1987)

Squatters Handbook 06th Edition (Advisory Service for Squatters, 1979)

Squatters Handbook 12th Edition (Advisory Service for Squatters, 2014)

Squatters Handbook 14th Edition (Advisory Service for Squatters, 2016)

Sreenan, Dermot; Kerr, Gregor: How We Beat the Water Charges The Last Time (WSM, 2010)

Statement and Constitution of the Sheffield Red and Black Centre (Sheffield Red and Black Centre, 1996)

Stevenson, Graham (ed): The Life & Times of Sid Easton (1911-1991)

Stop the Clock! - Critiques of the new Social Workhouse (Wildcat; Aufheben, 2010)

Street Legal - A Practical Guide to Street Activity in Nottingham (118 Workshop, 1982)

Strike - A Guide to Walking Out (SolFed)

Strike, Riot and Fire Among the Garment Workers - A Working Class Revolt in Bangladesh (56a Infoshop, 2006)

Subversion Discussion Paper #?? - The Hunt for Red October (Subversion)

Subversion Discussion Paper #01 - Capitalism and Class Struggle in the USSR (Subversion, 1989)

Subversion Discussion Paper #02 - The State and Capital in Japan (Subversion, 1989)

Subversion Discussion Paper #03 - Decadent Capitalism (Subversion, 1989)

Subversion Discussion Paper #04 - Notes on class struggle in the USSR (Subversion, 1989)

Swain, Sean: Application of Anarchist Theory to the Modern-Day Prison Struggle (Hobnail Press)

That's Not The Way It's Got To Be - Collected Thoughts of Warwick Anarchists

The Animals Packet - Buying Cooking Carving (Sky & Trees, 1983)

The Buenos Aires Tragedy - The Last Fight of Severino di Giovani & Paulo Scarfo (KSL, 2004)

The Chinese Anarchist Movement (Drowned Rat, 1985)

The development of class struggle in Nigeria - Subversion Reprint

The Immigration Act = Policing Healthcare (SolFed)

The Scheme Stopper's handbook - 69 ways to stop your scheme

Thompson, EP: Protest and Survive (CND, 1980)

Twelve Reasons to Reject the Salvation Army (Skeleton Army Publishers, 1996)

Vacation of Hegel - Latest campaigns in critico-practical theory (Subrealistic Movement)

Visteon workers supporters: A Post-Fordist Struggle - Report and reflections on the 2009 UK Ford-Visteon Dispute (Past Tense, 2009)

What is the 1 in 12 Club? (1995)

Working Class Revolutionary Politics in Germany 1914-1923 - Subversion Reprint

Workmates - Direct Action Workplace Organising on the London Underground (SolFed, Theory and Practice Series, 2011)

Your guide to the Community Charge (Poll Tax)

Journals, Magazines, etc.

3D - Don't pay! Don't collect! Don't implement! #06 (1991)

All Britain Anti-Poll Tax Federation - Bulletin 1990/09-10 #??

Anarchy (Second Series) #36

Anarchy (Second Series) #37

Black Flag #128 (1985)

Bradford Anti-Fascist Defence Committee Newsletter #01 (1985)

Broughton/Inverleith Anti Poll Tax Group Newsletter 1990/06

Conviction Newsletter #12

Don't Pay #04 - Bulletin of St Helens Anti-Poll Tax Union (1990)

Fight the Poll Tax! - South London #01 (1990)

Nazis Out! #05 (CARF, 1992)

No One is Illegal #16 (Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit, 1994)

Nottingham Defence Fund Newsletter 1992/04-05 (1992)

Poll Tax Prisoners News 1992/04

Prestonfield and District Community Resistance Against The Poll Tax Bulletin #06 (1989)

Prestonfield and District Community Resistance Against The Poll Tax Bulletin #11 (1990)

Sciennes/Marchmont Anti-Poll Tax News 1990/05

Solidarity Bulletin - The Bulletin of Norwich Solidarity Centre #02

Solidarity Bulletin - The Bulletin of Norwich Solidarity Centre #03

Solidarity Bulletin - The Bulletin of Norwich Solidarity Centre #06

Solidarity Bulletin - The Bulletin of Norwich Solidarity Centre #SpecialSupplement

Solidarity For Workers' Power Vol:05 #04 (1968)

Solidarity For Workers' Power Vol:05 #05 (1968)

Solidarity For Workers' Power Vol:05 #08 (1969)

Solidarity Network Bulletin #01 (1988)

Solidarity Network Bulletin #02 (1988)

Solidarity North West Vol:02 #01 (c1970)

Spectacular Times - Images #01

Splinter #01 (1973)

Splinter #02 (1973)

Splinter #03 (1973, incomplete)

Spoofversion - Incorporating Subversion no. 24 and Spoofversion no. 1 (1998)

Subversion #??

Subversion #01 (1990)

Subversion #02 (1990)

Subversion #03 (1990)

Subversion #04 (1990)

Subversion #05 (1991)

Subversion #06 (1991)

Subversion #07 (1992)

Subversion #08 (1992)

Subversion #09 (1992)

Subversion #10 (1992)

Subversion #11 (1992)

Subversion #14 (1994)

Subversion #15 (1994)

Subversion #16 (1995)

Subversion #17 (1995)

Subversion #18 (1995)

Subversion #19 (1996)

Subversion #20 (1996)

Subversion #21 (1997)

Subversion #22 (1997)

Subversion #23 (1997)

The Anti-Racist - Bulletin of Inter Racial Solidarity 1993/09

The Anti-Racist - Bulletin of Inter Racial Solidarity 1993/11

The Best of Subversion #01

The Best of Subversion #02 (1997)

The Cienfuegos Press Anarchist Review Vol:01 #06 (1982)

West Lothian Anti-Poll Tax Newsletter 1990/04-05

Wildcat #10 (1983)

Leaflets & Other

Freedom Press Bookshop - Books in Stock 1991-92

Otter, Laurens: Open Letter To A Leninist

The Struggle Continues! - Stop Press… Miners Strike Update… The Strike is over… (Officially)…

War On The Streets - Anti-Fascist Action-In The Area (AFA, 1992)