Spare a Twig

Please give a twig for The Sparrows’ Nest,
while memories are fresh, support the quest;

Before the moths destroy it all,
answer the Sparrows’ heralding call;

To house an archive, rich and full,
with treasured texts, to read and mull;

To keep our history alive and well,
before time tolls its mildewed bell;

Your twig shall revive, restore, conserve,
our struggle reborn, our fight preserved;

For new eyes wakened by struggles past,
to make our movement’s future last;

So please give a twig to The Sparrows’ Nest,
its wallet is small but its beak is big!

We very much appreciate all donations, no matter the amount or frequency, towards our running costs to help maintain the Sparrows' Nest!

The easiest way is to donate via PayPal, but if you are able to support us on a regular basis, please get in touch to find out about alternative ways to donate.

Please note: The Sparrows' Nest Library and Archive is registered as a not-for-profit company. This means neither our directors nor members can be paid any fees or dividends and any profits must be used to further our objectives (please see this excerpt from our articles of association for details).