Five Leaves Bookshop

Independent bookshop (and publishing house) in Nottingham City Centre.

Manuscripts and Special Collections

The archives of the University of Nottingham hold excellent materials.

Nottingham Women's Centre

Providing a safe environment for women and offering support, training, activities and more.

Nottingham Women’s History Group

Celebrating, promoting and researching the contribution of women to Nottingham’s history.

Nottinghamshire Archives

A brilliant place full of awesome documents, run by lovely people who are always happy to share their specialist knowledge.

Nottinghamshire Black Arrow

Blog of the Nottingham group of the Anarchist Federation.

People’s Histreh – Nottingham and Notts Radical History Group

Turn to your friendly neighbourhood Histerians for guided walks, fine books (from their very own publishing house Loaf On A Stick Press) and talks and events. If you want to know about how our Castle got torched, our major knocked over by a massive cheese, WWI death sentences and mutineers and much more, look no further! We are very happy to curate their collection of local history books and pamphlets here at the Sparrows’ Nest.

Sumac Centre

The Sumac Centre is a volunteer-run social and community space based in Forest Fields, Nottingham and the headquarters of Veggies Catering Campaign.