1) Look for articles on Ecology (including Ecological or Green issues) in the full collection. Simply enter Ecolog (or ecolog as the search is not case sensitive). Then press 'Catalogue search'.

Try again with the first box checked to see Digital Library items only and click on any link to save or view that item.

Find articles with terms Ecology/Ecological or Green by entering first term Ecolog and second term Green, using OR.

2) Look for articles about Kropotkin.

Enter Kropotkin (or just Krop) as the first term.

Enter Kropotkin as the first term along with Peter as the second, using AND. This narrows the search mostly to articles written by Peter Kropotkin, or if the full name appears anywhere else in the record.

3) Look for articles about Miners published in any year in the 1980s or referring to the 1980s.

Enter Miners for the first term and 198 for the second.

4) Look for articles about Feminism (or Feminist issues) and expand to search articles with Wom*n.

Enter terms Femin and Wom using OR.

5) Look for articles published in London. Check the second box and then type in London. This will include all records with London in the publishers details. Omit this if you only want articles about London. 

6) Look for articles in French. Check the second box and enter the word French as one term, and put content you are looking for as the other, using AND.