Two more volumes of Freedom (and a few other bits) have been added to the Digital Library!

We can announce with great delight that two more volumes of Freedom have been digitised and added to the Digital Library.

That means you can now browse another fifty (!) issues of Freedom at you leisure. The two Volumes are numbers 42 and 43, covering January 1981 to December 1982. Written during the early days of the Thatcher regime, they report e.g. on the wave of riots across the UK in 1981, the rise of Solidarność in Poland, internal turmoil of a Labour Party in disarray (the more things change…), the early days of the Women’s Peace Camp at Greenham Common, and the Falklands War. Apart from discussing these and many other issues of the day, many issues of Freedom and especially Freedom Review discuss political philosophy, strategy and organisation.

The easiest way to browse these and all other digitised issues of Freedom held in our Digital Library is to use the brilliant new Search function on the website:

Click on ADVANCED SEARCH, CHECK THE BOX to only search in the Digital Library and search for freedom AND vol:

You can also just quick search for freedom, but a lot of items in our collections feature that word in their titles!

There were also a few other additions, including two classics from the AFB/SWF, written in the 1940s and 1950s by Tom Brown: The Social General Strike and The British General Strike. Just CHECK THE BOX to only search in the Digital Library and search for brown.

Have fun!