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It is cold outside. So why not lean back and dig into some of the fine materials we added to our Digital Library this month?

Following up on a research request last month, we noticed that these issues of the AFB/SWF's publication Direct Action were screaming out to be digitised. Who are we to argue with our documents?

Please note that the first lot of DAs were unnumbered and undated ("Workers of the World - DATE ALL YOUR PUBLICATIONS!"), but were published at the end of WW2. Interesting stuff indeed.


Direct Action Vol:?? #??; Jun 1945 (est)
Direct Action Vol:?? #??; Jun 1945 (est)
Election Manifesto; Jun 1945 (est)
Direct Action Vol:?? #??; Jul 1945 (est)
Direct Action Vol:?? #??; Jul 1945 (est)
Direct Action Vol:?? #??; Aug 1945
Direct Action Vol:?? #??; Aug 1945
Direct Action 33 Vol:03 #08; Sep 1948
Direct Action 34 Vol:04 #01; Jan 1949
Direct Action 35 Vol:04 #02; Apr-May 1949
Direct Action 37 Vol:04 #05; Oct 1949
Direct Action 39 Vol:04 #07; Dec 1949
Direct Action 40 Vol:05 #01; Jan 1950
Direct Action 41 Vol:05 #02; Mar 1950
Direct Action 42 Vol:05 #03; Apr 1950
Direct Action 43 Vol:05 #04; May 1950
Direct Action 44 Vol:05 #05; Jul 1950
Direct Action 45 Vol:05 #06; Sep 1950
Direct Action 46 Vol:05 #07; Nov 1950
Direct Action 47 Vol:05 #08; Dec 1950
Direct Action 48 Vol:06 #01; Jan 1951
Direct Action 52 Vol:06 #05; Jun 1951
Direct Action 53 Vol:06 #06; Jul-Aug 1951
Direct Action 54 Vol:06 #07; Sep 1951
Direct Action 55 Vol:06 #08; Oct-Nov 1951

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