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News and events from The Sparrows' Nest.

This month we are not just putting one, but three documents in the spotlight. These are from our latest Digital Library update. They did not look that exciting at first, but then we realised that these Journals were published in Kobe in 1975, reporting on events in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and elsewhere. We do not know whether there ever was a fourth issue, but in any case it is nice to have these three issues of Libero international.

Please see below for yet another 151 additions to the Digital Library. We have now worked through an enormous collection which also entailed a lot of local Trade Union stuff, so expect to see less of that moving forward. We shall see what surprises the next few boxes hold!

This month we came across the Freedom Press publication Ill-Health, Poverty & the State, half pamphlet, half paperback from 1946, writing on healthcare during the post war, but pre NHS period. Digitising this was a bit of an agonising decision and technically more challenging than most documents, we posted some notes about the process on on our Instagram account.

Apologies for the delayed upload. We were rather busy and much of that work was a lot of unavoidable sorting and cataloguing so scanning materials had to take a bit of a backseat. But there you go, pamphlets, pamphlets and pamphlets, as well as a bunch of newspapers. Dive in!